MAGIC MIRROR CONSULTATION; Lash & Brow Real-Time Preview

How Would you know if the lashes you're strutting is the one that brings out the best of your eye shape?

You wouldn't, Unless you try all the possible styles your lash fairy can create for you. It is as good as saying you will have to go through a painful process of trial and error for maybe, just about 2 years.

Then you start to wonder- if only there is such a thing that will let you preview the lash designs so you can see for yourself which style accentuates most with those precious peepers. After all, you are allowed to try on that little black dress or red stilettos before buying them!

Just like you, I wondered myself. . And along with that thought is the birth of the MAGIC MIRROR at Lashtastique Studio in Sydney. An augmented reality technology that lets you try on 16 most requested lash styles in varying lengths and thickness from classic to the sought after 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. It is not a photo editor app with stenciled brows and stick on false eyelashes. It is an interactive tool that winks and blinks with you as you do- in real time. 

So when time comes you contemplate in getting your lashes done, do the SOP in selecting your lash place.

1) Lash Stylist Qualifications

2)Lash Studio/ Room if it adheres to hygiene and sanitation standards

3)Lash materials and adhesive as that will sit on your natural lashes for 4- 6 weeks

4) Price- see how competitive; cheaper isn't always the better option!

Lastly, see if they can offer a preview of every style they do because the famous Cat- Eye Style is not a one style fits all eyes! 

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